Meet Your Somm: Martín Bruno

The man behind the wine list at Argentina’s best restaurant, Tegui, represented Argentina earlier this year at the Concurso Mejor Sommelier de las Américas best somm competition. That makes Martín Bruno quite the heavyweight,  FYI, and in his miniscule amount of spare time, he also manages to squeeze in teaching at my alma mater, CAVE.

Sommelier Martín Bruno.
Sommelier Martín Bruno.

What was your last pairing recommendation?

Besides the set pairings suggested for the tasting menu at Tegui, one of my latest favourites was slow-cooked lamb with polenta, white corn and northern herbs infused broth with a Decero Mini Ediciones Petit Verdot 2011. The wine is intense, aromatic and packs a lot of power. The aromatic herbs in the broth match the aromatic intensity of the wine and the bold tannins are tamed by the texture of the lamb.
What did you drink last night?
Last night we had a nice gathering at a friend’s house to watch the red moon eclipse. My girlfriend made some fantastic pizzas a la parrilla and we drank beer as well as a very nice Doña Silvina Reserva Malbec 2008. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect wine for the pizzas but at the time, it felt just right.
What’s your favourite wine region in the world?
Not only because I have tasted truly amazing wines there but because it was a great personal moment; I have to pick Cornas in the Rhône Valley. It’s a unique region with vineyards almost hanging from the hills and memorable wines, full of character. Of course I also love A LOT of other regions in the world, especially Mendoza.
What do you love most about your work?
The chance to meet people and only having a few moments to gain their trust in order to let you choose the perfect wine for them, the challenge it poses and the satisfaction you get when you nail it. Also the happy moments when you get to taste and talk about wines with people you admire, friends and colleagues. The sommelier profession is a never-ending voyage of learning and there´s always something new to discover. Usually said discovery involves drinking a lot of wine, so I can’t complain.
What’s the best thing that ever happened to you as a somm?
Like Frank Sinatra said: “The best is yet to come.” I’ve had tons of unforgettable moments related to sommellerie in different parts of my life but I think having the opportunity to share a competition with the best sommeliers in the world is something unique and I feel really grateful for it.
If you were a wine, you’d be...
I’d rather drink than become wine, but if I were a wine I’d be this one.
Ph: Courtesy of Cuisine & Vins

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