Think While You Drink

We’ve all played Drink While You Think, but here’s how to add a new, selfless twist to the classic boozing game.

In this all-new conscientious version, Think While You Drink allows you to purchase wine confidently knowing the bodega has made a social or environmental commitment, adheres to Fairtrade rules or donates a percentage of its profit. Malbec with morals, sipping with scruples, consider it your duty to drink.

Fina Los Maza helps the anteaters.
Fina Los Maza helps the anteaters.

Fairtrade Malbec

Though Argentina is very much a Fairtrade wine producer along with Chile and South Africa, most FT wares are exported to the UK and Europe so we never get to exert conscientious purchasing power. Until last year, when Bodega Alta Vista launched Finca Monteflores onto the domestic market, making it the first Argentine comercio justo wine to be produced and sold here.

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